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Mother's Day Gift Idea : "Home Visit Loquat Heat Treatment"!

Why don’t you give your mother or wife a Loquat Heat Treatment as a gift to show your appreciation and gratitude to them? We will visit and they can enjoy the treatment in the comfort of their own home.

What is Loquat Heat Treatment?
Loquat Heat Treatment is a traditional therapy that has been handed down from ancient times. Loquat Heat Treatment uses a moxibustion device to deliver loquat leaf extract, which contains all the medicinal properties of the plant, deep into the body to enhance our natural healing power and life force to cure illnesses.

Effects of Loquat Leaf Heat Therapy
Benefits of loquat leaf ingredients
・Blood purification
・Analgesic (pain relief)
Heat Treatment
・Regulation of autonomic nerves
・Improved circulation of qi and blood

In Japan, Empress Koumyou performed loquat leaf therapy in 730 at Sheyakuin (a hospital at that time), and from the middle of the Taisho era, Zen Master Kono Taikei saved as many as 200,000 patients with intractable diseases at Konchiin, according to a document. Scientific research on the medicinal effects of loquat began in the early Showa period.

Using Euphoria Q, certified as a medical device, Far-infrared heat vaporizes loquat leaf extract to deeply penetrate into the skin. Far infrared rays have a deeper level penetration than other heat treatments and can absorb more extract components.

Photo of device apparatus used

Specific efficacy effects of Euphoria Q has been certified as a medical device
1.Recovery from fatigue 2.Improve blood circulation 3.Muscle stiffness relief 4.Muscle recovery 5.Relief of neuralgia/muscle pain 6.Increased gastrointestinal function

This therapy has a great therapeutic effect by penetrating the medicinal ingredients of loquat leaves into the body through the skin along with the effects of warm heat treatment.

・Qi (energy) and blood in the body circulate smoothly
・ Yin and yang are well balanced

These conditions are considered to be healthy in oriental medicine with loquat heat treatment.
Therefore, with that in mind, loquat heat treatment is performed with the meridians and acupuncture points.
The meridians (passages through which Qi and blood pass) are distributed throughout the body both inside and out.
Loquat heat treatment is a symptomatic treatment that removes or alleviates various symptoms, but also activates the functions of various organs and the natural healing power. It is also a systemic therapy that heals illnesses.

Certificate Benefits

The 45-minute course includes an additional 10 minutes of loquat heat treatment, for a total of 40 minutes of loquat heat treatment. You will be satisfied with the time and care given to your treatment.

I will take care of you.

Kaname Ikeda

I’ve been involved in the spread of loquat heat treatment under the guidance of Mrs. Akemi Nagatomo (the leading expert of loquat heat treatment). I have performed the treatment on many people in places like Miyazaki, Japan and the Big Island of Hawaii and in order to let more people know about loquat heat treatment I have created a space on the Big Island of Hawaii where you can receive loquat heat treatment. I will provide care from me with my whole heart.

Certificate ($80) Purchase and Usage Process
Please send your purchase request below.
We will send a payment link directly to those who wish to purchase.
Payment is by credit card.

After purchase, we will make an appointment.
On the appointment date, we will visit your place. We will inform you of what you need to prepare for the day.

About the trip fee:
【Trip Fee】
We charge a fee for traveling to distant locations. This is mainly to cover the cost of gasoline, which is currently rising.
This fee includes travel time to and from your home or desired location.

From Holualoa
Within 10 miles  No Charge
11 to 20 miles  $15 × 2 ($30 round trip)
21 to 30 miles  $20 × 2 ($40 round trip)

In conclusion, this is a relaxing, lie down treatment. The treatment will progress at the clients own pace.

Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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