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Mrs. Nagatomo and Me

For me, the existence of Mrs. Nagatomo is so important that if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be who I am today. Even after defeating cancer herself, she continues to practice various therapies while maintaining a healthy body.

My family started visiting her and she taught us many different ways to stay healthy. If we ever felt unsure we could talk to her and return home feeling better. Mrs. Nagatomo always welcomed us warmly. While meeting with her, I began to believe that it was her warm heart that helped her overcome her cancer. Our hearts and bodies are well connected.

After having met Mrs. Nagatomo I started reconsidering my health and thinking about myself differently. I learned to treat everyday as special and to be thankful. When you get diagnosed with a illness everything if front of you turns black but there is also a lot that you can learn about yourself as well.

My interview with Mrs. Nagatomo, the leading practitioner of Loquat Heat Treatment

During the summer of 2019 in August(with the sound of a cicadas singing in the background), I visited Mrs. Nagatomo’s clinic in Miyazaki Prefecture and asked her to talk about the connection between Loquat heat treatment and health.

If you would like to see the second part of the interview (the story of Mrs. Nagatomo and loquat heat treatment, cancer prevention, people who are more likely to recover from cancer and how they feel when they have cancer), please contact us and I will send you the video.

(Unfortunately, at this point the interviews are only available in Japanese. We will be working to translate them in the future)

Mrs. Nagatomo

Born in the Yamanashi Prefecture. In 1979, with her husband, she traveled to Sierra Leone in West Africa as a Missionary. In 1981, during her time as a Missionary, she became ill and needed to travel to New York where she was diagnosed with cancer. She was treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Later that year she began treatment at the same hospital where she would later gave birth to her twins at in April of 1984. By 1985 , she appeared on a TV Asahi Documentary called “The War on Cancer Part III: Surviving Terminal Cancer” and a NHK Educational Special in 1993 called “Why Do Humans Heal?”. Later, she opened the Loquat Hyperthermia Instruction Center. Currently, She is a member of the Miyazaki Cancer Countermeasures Council and a member of the Miyazaki Prefecture Board of Education’s Education Promotion Council. She is also the Chairman of the NPO Cancer Free Family.

Mrs. Nagatomo not only survived a diagnosis of only 6 months to live with terminal ciliary cancer but was also the first person to give birth to twins after beating the cancer. Since then, for the past 35+ years, she has devoted herself to the prevention of cancer, cancer education, ect. while also performing holistic based treatments focusing on loquat therapy.

Mrs. Nagatomo’s Published book

Loquat and Health Monthly 1/15/2018

Mrs. Nagatomo thinks that Holistic medicine does not deny existing Western medicine but supplements and enhances the effect of the three major cancer therapies of Western medicine to make it more effective.

Diet, hyperthermia treatment, loquat therapy, sauna therapy, exercise therapy, laughter therapy, mental training, etc. can be used in combination to alleviate the side effects of the three major cancer therapies as well as allowing you to reduce the dose of medicine, or accelerate post-operative recovery. She believes Western medicine and eastern medicine lead to good results, such as hastening recovery.  I also still believe there are times when western medicine is necessary as well.  I am mainly using natural remedies, but I think it’s important to get a good balance and  not have a bias.