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Biwa Family

from Big Island, Hawaii
Bringing balance to you heart and body

BiwaFamily was created by Kaname Ikeda (Master Loquat Leaf Heat Treatment Certified  Instructor).
From Miyazaki, Japan and moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii in 2017.  Now, I am working to help introduce loquat heat treatment, aroma therapy, natural remedies and creating healthy living classes in a environment full of nature.

For home visit loquat heat treatment reservations, please send a text message to 808-657-8913 telling me your desired date and time.
Here are some experiences from other clients

There are many more happy testimonials from Loquat Heat Treatment. You could learn more about the possibilities of this treatment. Please let us know if you are interested in these testimonials, so that we can prepare them for you when you receive the treatment. We are sure that you will find some encouraging testimonials.

Here at Biwa Family you can receive a loquat heat treatment
About Loquat Leaf Heat Therapy

It was used in ancient India and China, where medicine was developed early on.  Loquat leaf therapy was first introduced to Japan (more than 1,000 years ago), this therapy was also used in national medical facilities.  Later, it spread as a folk remedy throughout the country and has been passed on from person to person without ceasing, helping many people.

The loquat leaf has a history of helping many people recover from serious illnesses and relieve severe pain, with amazing results due to its superior medicinal properties and natural healing powers.

In Japan, from the middle of the Taisho era, Zen Master Kono Taikei saved as many as 200,000 patients with intractable diseases at Konchiin, according to a document.  Scientific research on the medicinal effects of loquat began in the early Showa period.

It is loquat leaf therapy that has a number of proven results, including complete cures of cancer, intractable diseases, and chronic diseases that are difficult to cure, which even doctors cannot do anything about.


The Loquat Heat Treatment that Biwa Family uses is this ancient traditional therapy, Loquat Leaf Heat Therapy, with a far-infrared heat device.  These devices deliver loquat leaf extract, which contains all the medicinal properties of the plant, deep into the body to enhance our natural healing power and life force to cure illnesses.

Effects of Loquat Leaf Heat Therapy
Benefits of loquat leaf ingredients
・Blood purification
・Analgesic (pain relief)
Heat Treatment
・Regulation of autonomic nerves
・Improved circulation of qi and blood

In addition, health in Oriental medicine, which is the background of loquat leaf heat therapy, is defined as
Qi (energy) and blood in the body circulate smoothly and Yin and Yang are well balanced.

Therefore, with that in mind, loquat heat treatment is performed with the meridians and acupuncture points.  The meridians (passages through which Qi and blood pass) are distributed throughout the body both inside and out.  Acupuncture points are where the Qi on the meridians come and go.

Our heat device (Euphoria Q) is certified as a medical device, Far-infrared heat vaporizes loquat leaf extract to deeply penetrate into the skin.  Far infrared rays have a deeper level penetration than other heat treatments and can absorb more extract components.

Euphoria Qs’ specific effects
1.Recovery from fatigue 2.Improve blood circulation 3.Muscle stiffness relief 4.Muscle recovery 5.Relief of neuralgia/muscle pain 6.Increased gastrointestinal function

Loquat heat treatment is a symptomatic treatment that removes or alleviates various symptoms, but also activates the functions of various organs and the natural healing power.  It is also a systemic therapy that heals illnesses.  This therapy has a great therapeutic effect by penetrating the medicinal ingredients of loquat leaves into the body through the skin along with the effects of warm heat treatment.


Thankfully, we receive many reports of symptoms improving with Loquat Heat Treatment.  We recommend that those who’ve seen improvement in their symptoms continue treatment to prevent recurrence.  Those who continue the treatment consistently even after symptoms have improved have increased the underlying strength of their body.  Even if a problem does arise, the body’s natural healing power, the ability to return to normal, is drawn out and the problem will not linger.

Taking medicines and receiving medical treatment can help reduce your symptoms, but in the end, our healing power comes from our bodies so we will focus on this approach.

Continuing to apply Loquat Heat Treatment will help sustain the effects and increase resilient health.

My first encounter with Loquat Heat Treatment can be traced back when I was looking for something I could do to help a loved one recover from the cancer.

At that time (2013), I was doing a lot of research to find out what I could do to help, and I went to listen to the stories of those who had overcome cancer. There were many chances for learning and new encounters with survivors. I learned about various methods, and tried many of them. Thanks to those experiences, I have become more fully educated. Amongst all of what I studied, I discovered that loquat heat treatment was highly effective with the power of loquat and heats ability to penetrate.

I decided to start sharing loquat heat treatment as a certified instructor, which helped save our lives, and share our experiences so we can give hope to those who are suffering now.
I had the great opportunity to study under the guidance of Mrs. Akemi Nagatomo (the first certified instructor of loquat leaf heat therapy), who has been engaged in this therapy in Japan for many years.  I was able to acquire the correct knowledge and methods for loquat leaf heat therapy and obtained Master Loquat Leaf Heat Treatment Certified Instructor.
I am grateful to study under Mrs. Nagatomo, a leading expert of loquat heat treatment.  I am making daily efforts to provide careful and wholehearted loquat heat treatment with the teachings from my teacher.

I also made this site to show more people that there is hope in any situation.  Loquat heat treatment is easy enough that anyone can feel comfortable using it.  I would like teach everyone about loquats excellent potential and healing effects.

In addition, I think that your family and loved ones could gain coping methods based on my experiences such as how to deal with mental stress and overcoming emotional pain if someone special to you is diagnosed with cancer.
To overcome cancer, not only the treatment but also the mental aspect has a great effect on recovery. Please feel free to contact me as you may be able to better understand your feelings as you are going through that experience. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

This is the newspaper called “ビワと健康” (Loquat and Health) where I was interviewed about my work with loquat heat treatment in Hawaii for the summer special interview.

I talked about my thoughts around loquat heat treatment and what I have been doing to spread loquat heat treatment from Japan here in Hawaii.