Biwa Family

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Recent lack of sleep
  • Lethargy 
  • High stressed
  • Anxiety 
  • Pain or discomfort due to illness or injury
  • Gastrointestinal frailty
  • Under medical treatment
  • PMS
  • Menopause
  • Indefinite complaint

If you experience any of these symptoms, why don’t you try the traditional oriental therapy, “loquat heat treatment”, which has a long history of around 3000 years.

Why not experience a loquat leaf heat therapy focusing on the mind and body from myself, Kaname, a certified instructor and someone who has spent much time studying loquat heat treatment.  I’ve been involved in the spread of loquat heat treatment and under the guidance of Mrs. Akemi Nagatomo (the leading expert of loquat heat treatment).  I have performed the treatment on many people in places like Miyazaki, Japan and the Big Island of Hawaii and in order to let more people know about loquat heat treatment I have created a space on the Big Island of Hawaii where you can experience loquat heat treatment. 

At Biwa Family, in addition to the usual loquat heat treatment experience, you can experience the FDA-certified far-infrared heating pad (used by doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals) with loquat leaf extract during every treatment. Before the loquat leaf heat treatment begins, choose your favorite essential oil and take a footbath to warm your body.

We would like not only people who have chronic illness or pain, but those who are interested in maintaining their health and body maintenance to experience loquat heat treatment as well.

We offer 45 minute (15 minute for footbath + 30 minute for loquat heat treatment) and 60 minute (15 minute for footbath + 45 minute for loquat heat treatment) courses. Please note that the footbath time will vary depending on the individual.

On its own, loquat heat treatment is very relaxing but experienced in combination with the far-infrared heating pad you can have a full body warming experience similar to a hot spring bath.  Please come and have a relaxing experience for yourself!

Course Overview

You will take a footbath to warm your body. (Essential oils will be available for your footbath, please choose your favorite oils.)
Lay on a hot pad soaked with loquat leaf extract (using far infrared heating mat)
Experience the loquat heat treatment while enjoying the hot pad. The loquat extract will penetrate into the body from both  the matte surface (bottom) and the heat treatment device (top).

Loquat Heat Treatment Course and Experience Fees

45 Minute course $75.00
(15 minutes footbath+ 30 minute loquat leaf extract warming pad+heat treatment)

60 Minute course $100.00
(15 minutes footbath+ 45 minute loquat leaf extract warming pad+heat treatment)

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Please note

Please come in loose clothing.

Since you will be taking a footbath, please come in pants that can be easily raised to the knee or short pants.

Corona virus countermeasure and cleaning

We will use sterilize or hand washing  before entering the room.

I will take your temperature.

I will always wear a mask.

The window will be opened (the blinds will be closed) during the experience.

After each customer’s experience I will thoroughly clean and disinfect the room, bathroom, massage bed, footbath, heat treatment device and replace all towels, etc.

For reservations, please send a text message to 808-657-8913 telling me your desired date and time.

We are located near downtown Kona.